Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Co-teacher Obsession Giveaway

Hey guys!

I'm doing a giveaway through Goodreads and thought you might be interested.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

My Co-teacher Obsession by Lexington Alexander

My Co-teacher Obsession

by Lexington Alexander

Giveaway ends March 23, 2015.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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It ends on March 23, 2015, so make sure you enter before that.

My Co-teacher Obsession features:

  1. Interracial and multicultural romance (white female and Asian male).
  2. Exotic location with culture shock and culture bumps.
  3. Describes what living abroad and dating is like for women in Taiwan.
If you miss the Giveaway, you can still (affiliate link) find the book on Kindle and it is available for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.


*This book is recommended for ages 17 and up due to mature language and sexual content.

After graduating from college, Carrie moves to Taiwan to pursue employment as a private school teacher. Teaching English to elementary school students seems easy enough until she gets paired with her sexy Taiwanese co-teacher that she's been eying since her arrival.

But dating between the staff at Happy English is forbidden, and Ken's a stickler for the rules, so how's a girl to snag the prince of her dreams?

Beethoven garbage trucks, students that don't speak, and chicken tails leave Carrie surrounded by a bizarre world that makes finding love much more difficult than it should be. She soon realizes that her workplace rules are actually the least of her worries ...

Will she succeed in her quest for love in a foreign land? Or will culture shock end up sending her packing?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Cat Jumped on My Computer Keyboard (Windows 8)! Now I can't type!

My Keyboard Won't Type! Why did my cat have to lay on it?

Cats are wonderful, but sometimes they jump on our keyboards and we can't figure out what buttons they pushed.

Solution 1:

Restart your computer. This usually takes care of keyboard problems, but you could lose data.

Solution 2:

Your cat may have turned on "mouse keys". If you push s or c from the log-in screen, you'll notice that these might be the only keys that work. "c" will take you to the screensaver and "s" will bring up the sleep, restart, shutdown menu.

To fix this, just press "ALT + M" at the same time. Now you can type again!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why You Should Stop Being Pissed Off About The Leftovers

It doesn't matter what happened ... Patti ~ The Leftovers: Episode 8

Really? 2% of the population is gone. We don't know how nor why and that doesn't matter? Don't you just love HBO?

Waiting for season 2 of The Leftovers? Consider reading (affiliate link) The Leftovers on kindle (e-book).

The reason we're kept in the dark is because things make absolutely no sense when these people start talking. But you need to remember one thing about Patti – she's a mental health patient that was recently abused by her husband, kicked out of her house, and left stranded. She also doesn't understand basic principles of ownership within marriage, yet she's leading the organization of a large cult with tons of money? AND ... They don't take orders?

The scariest thing is that Kevin is dreaming and can't remember things that just happened. The one person that's at least somewhat rational … Yeah, we can't even trust him anymore.

Unfortunately, what happened to the departed will never be explained in the series. Well, probably never. It's because it can't be explained without sounding like complete bupkis. There's no religious explanation because only the good people are supposed to be taken away in the rapture, and we know being good had nothing to do with some of the disappearances. But are there any logical explanations for 2% of the population disappearing?

I'll start by saying that we have to remember The Leftovers is a fictional story. I see people taking this way too seriously on social media. I understand why people are mad and annoyed. We've been lied to and betrayed by a narrative that's impossible unless:
  1. A lot of people are crazy (mass hysteria) and that's what we're seeing.
  2. The government is lying to people about the departure (and is responsible). Experimenting with black holes?
  3. We're seeing someone's dream / nightmare unfolding.
  4. We're seeing the thoughts of a crazy person(s).
  5. The story is about a group of mental health patients at the same hospital.
  6. They're all dead. (Please not another Lost fiasco. I'm still recovering from the last cop out).
All of these would be terrible endings and we can't even hope that mysticism will creep in at the last minute to save us because bad people would never be sucked up during the rapture.

My only hope ... MY ONLY HOPE for The Leftovers is that the cult(s) have hidden people somewhere through cremation or something and the clip of Laurie in the hospital was actually after she had her abortion. 

The reaction didn't match. If your baby just disappeared from your ultrasound, wouldn't you be shocked first? Out of your seat even! Plot hole? Maybe I'm remembering it wrong or maybe she miscarried at the table and is lying about the baby being departed. Who knows?

Are some people hiding? Remember Holy Wayne (the guy that hugged Nora)? Pretty sure he was hiding and he also lied to those Asian girls about bearing sons. Who else is pretending to be departed? Maybe Nora's husband just took the kids and ran? Maybe no one is actually missing at all just like the Nora impostor said?

Some things we may know:
  1. In episode 6, Courtney claims that the departure is a government hoax. The government may have been experimenting on its own people with spatial displacement technology.
  2. Many, if not all, of the characters that we see have mental illness or serious mental health issues. Kevin, his father, and Patti all have weak grasps on reality, so their points of view cannot be trusted. Remember when Kevin says, "Now I know why you don't talk." It's because Patti knows her tower of cards will fall when people start asking questions, just like in all cults. She thinks people should just follow her because she knows.
  3. Patti didn't predict the departure. It was more likely a coincidence because she was always saying that something bad was going to happen, but it never did. This is probably a common thing that mentally ill people say during therapy and experience in life. People are probably following her because they think she predicted the departure.
  4. People who “disappeared” during the departure may not have been wanted if the departure really happened.
The funny thing about The Leftovers is that it would probably be better if the departure wasn't a part of the story. Then we could focus on the cult(s), the origins, why people join them, and how to rehabilitate former members once they step back into the realm of logic. So, if the departure is making the show a drag for you, just pretend that it's not part of the show. All of the other characters are ...

If you like The Leftovers on HBO, consider supporting (affiliate link) the original story by Tom Perrotta.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lotte Gokujo Hiritsu (Original Chocolate Cake) Review (I tried the green tea one, too!)

Lotte Gokujo Hiritsu image contains affiliate link.
*$1.39 for a cookie? Well, it's got a big square of chocolate running through the middle of it and chocolate is expensive right now, so I guess the price is okay.

(affiliate link) The Gokujo Hiritsu cookie from Lotte comes in two flavors — chocolate and green tea with chocolate.

The actual cookies for both products taste like (affiliate link) Soft Baked Chips Ahoy! cookies, but without the chocolate chips.

The quality of the chocolate is good. It's silky and rich, but not too sweet. It looks small from the package, but one is definitely enough to satisfy your dessert craving. I ate the green tea one after and wished that I would have waited.

I know that green-tea-flavored treats are popular among weeabos, but the matcha, which I'm assuming was inside the green tea one, was too bitter for me, even with all of the added sugar. I guess it works with the chocolate, but after spending a lot of time in Japan, I'm pretty tired of eating green-tea-flavored stuff. My host mother used to buy green tea ice cream all of the time. I liked it at first, but if I have to eat it ever again, I'm sure I will blow chunks. My friend recently bought me a green tea latte from Starbucks and even that sent me back to my days of green tea overload.
Lotte Gokujo Hiritsu image contains affiliate link.

Anyway, I tweeted Peter at Jlist because the description for the (affiliate link) chocolate lotte cookie currently has green tea in the description and does not match the picture, so I'm not sure what's going on.

The green tea chocolate cake / cookie should have a green package as shown at the left. If Peter gets back to me, I'll go ahead and update this post.

If you're looking for something to stuff in your order for Jlist to take advantage of free shipping / sales / rebates, etc, I'd go with the regular chocolate and skip the green tea unless you're one of those people who can't get enough matcha.

Have you tried either of these yet? Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Miao Miao UTI Update (FLUTD)

Hey guys!

Miao Miao is finally better. MUCH better. If you've been struggling with your cat's UTI or cystisis and have tried everything, this is what I did to help mine. If you missed my previous posts, click here for the history of Miao Miao's UTI.

Miao Miao rests peacefully in front of a heat lamp on a cold winter afternoon.

Please note that I am not a veterinarian and have no formal training nor education in pet nutrition. You should work with your vet to make sure that what you're doing is what's best for your cat.

Miao Miao had a urinary tract infection for three months. He was peeing everywhere and I thought he would never get better, so this is what I've been doing.
  1. I withheld all dry food.
  2. I gave him a break from chicken and fish and switched to beef (finely chopped cheap cuts). When he gets sick of beef, I give him whatever protein he is willing to eat until he'll accept the beef again. If I need him to eat the beef because I have nothing else, I will add a little powdered Parmesan cheese at a time to encourage him to eat.
  3. I rotated vegetables into the protein. Vegetables he likes are spinach, corn, peas, broccoli, pumpkin, sweet potato, and lettuce. I steam/microwave all of these before giving them to him. Corn as a grain used for more than a few weeks at a time caused him to scratch and lick his stomach. Both cats actually had this problem and licked a hole in their stomachs at the same spot! They are brothers.
  4. I started giving him cooked egg whites and raw egg yolks mixed with tuna once a week. The cats won't eat eggs without the tuna.
  5. He gets 1/4 of a chicken heart and 1/2 of a chicken liver a few times a week. I don't give them hearts and liver at the same time because they will throw up.
  6. He gets a (affiliate link) multi-vitamin for cats with taurine and probiotics.
  7. I also give him 250mg of (affiliate link) glucosamine sulphate to help rebuild the bladder tissue. Not sure if it works or not.
  8. I also give him a (affiliate link) cranberry supplement for urine health + 10mg of vitamin C when adding vegetables to meals. (Vegetables often make his ph go up while strictly meat protein helps his ph to go down or stay within range). His ph gradually rises throughout the day, so this helps to prevent it from spiking to much. I think 20mg of vitamin C for an 11-pound cat is better, but it gives him diarrhea.
  9. The best medicine that I've found is 20mg/kg of Cefalexin (common antibiotic) combined with .25mg/kg of Prednisolone (anti-inflammatory).
  10. He got constipated when I switched his diet to cooked, but I've found that a teaspoon of rice, once a day, helps to make him more regular. I try to feed him raw when I have meat that has been frozen for over 7 days. Otherwise, I cook it to rare. I always cook pork to medium well.
  11. I also add 1/32 of a teaspoon of powdered egg shell for every ounce of boneless meat that I give him since his jaws are too weak to eat bones right now. It's easy to make eggshell powder yourself.
  12. I add at least 3 tablespoons of water to every meal. If I dilute the flavor too much, he will protest. :3 
  13. Playtime is scheduled for fifteen minutes daily. This isn't always easy because he is lazy, but a little catnip helps to move the process along. 
  14. I also try to make sure he has access to direct sunlight 10 minutes a day.
One thing that I really think helped him was the Prednisolone. I had trouble finding a vet willing to give him anti-inflammatories for pain and kept changing until I found one. Some vets aren't as familiar with treating pain even thought they have the medicine in their offices.

I hope this helps someone! Please share your stories with me in the comments below.


My cat Teddy pulls the towel over his face to block out the light of the heat lamp.

Monday, November 17, 2014

My UTI Cat Diary

POST #1 11/18/2014

On September 3, 2014, I returned from a 2-day vacation and my cat started licking his penis over and over. I took him to the vet and they said, "He's just bored."

Later, I realized that he was having trouble in the litter box. He was taking longer than usual, but the amount was pretty normal, so I stopped worrying. Before this, I noticed that both cats were drinking less water, but didn't think much about it since I was combining wet food and dry food and adding water to it.

I should mention that I adopted the cats off of the street when they were six months old.They had no noticeable health problems at the time outside of being flea and worm-bitten to lethargy.

On September 14, the veterinarian gave Miao Miao some antibiotics. No tests were done ... I don't know if he ever had an infection. At the same time, the other cat had similar problems, but his lymphnodes were swollen and got better after three days of antibiotics.

After two weeks, Miao Miao never got better, and ended up with a blockage. He had surgery the next day, but they were only able to insert the catheter half way. They said that his PH was at 7.0 and too high for cats. He had crystals (probably struvite), and a slight infection. The following morning, he woke up in a pool of his own urine and was peeing again drop by drop.

After the surgery, he received urinary acidifiers for two weeks and got better. Never completely better though ... But after being off of the medicine for three weeks, the symptoms came back. Straining, frequent trips to the litter box, and extended periods with smaller than normal amounts. However, there's no blood or pus this time.

I use PH cat litter to test his urine and it rarely shows up green or blue. It just slightly turned green twice a few times when he urinated after eating. That was during the first few days after surgery.

In the meantime, he has been getting 100mg of cranberry, .20mg of vitamin C, 10mg of lecithin, and 30mg of methionine. I increased the vitamin C to 50mg today. The doctor has him on anti inflammatories and antibiotics. His urination is less frequent and he seems more comfortable today, but sometimes he's in the litter box for up to three minutes at a time.

Right now he is quietly sleeping. Well ... he's trying to anyway.

I also tried apple cider vinegar a few times. I noticed that he peed more often and spent less time in the litter box, but he voided smaller amounts. He did seem more comfortable, but I don't really think it helped him that much. Maybe I should have given him more. I gave him 1/2 teaspoon for two days in a row, but I don't think he really got better.

I'm going to do my best to capture a urine sample tomorrow and take him in. If he plugs up again, he's going to have to have surgery and I'm really worried about that because the risk of bacterial infections will increase in the future.

He's currently on a no dry food diet. I've caved twice over the past three weeks because he's a dry food junkie and constantly paws at the bottle of dry food. However, I've probably given him the equivalent of two dozen small pieces or so. He currently eats raw when it's parasite free, or cooked if I'm at all on the fence.

I'm not exactly sure of the dates because the last three months have been a sleepless blur. I'm really hoping Miao Miao will grow out of this.

I really believe that the stress of me going on vacation caused him to break at his weakest link. He's a nervous cat and gets excited somewhat easily. There's a cat in heat across the street, so both male cats are trying to jump off the balcony and keep trying to find a way outside. They're neutered, so I don't know what they think they're going to do.

But also, there have been a lot of street parades which terrifies both cats. I'm thinking about putting him on the prescription diet tomorrow if the veterinarian suggests so.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nowhere Safe 3 Credits

Hey guys!

I finished development for Nowhere Safe III! Still testing and tweaking the audio, but I wanted to provide credit to the creators like I usually do.

Please note that I am an affiliate for, so if you click on the dlsite links below and buy something there, I do get points that I can use to get other materials.

Theme song Yukisora by (English)
Gym Background Art by T.O.P
Other Background Art by Murakumo
Character Art by Blue Forest